National Sandwich Day!

Hurray Hurray it’s National Sandwich Day!

Officially it is the day on which the creator of the humble sandwich was born – John Montagu better know to the world as the fourth Earl of Sandwich. As the story goes he was gambling and didn’t want to leave the table. One assume he was winning a loser might want an excuse for a break. The Earl ordered one of his servants to just “slap some meat between two slices of bread”.

Apparently that started “I’ll have what he’s having” trend, which led to the shorter version “just give me a sandwich”. 

Whether you are into the diagonal cut or prefer right angles, like the crusts cut off – or ate them first because it was the best part, or always stole the heel from the loaf of bread – here is to the humble sandwich… how far you have come. 😉

So in honor of National Sandwich Day I have some pictures of the most popular and infamous sandwiches.

Drum roll please….

The Hamburger – the most popular sandwich in the US according to the National Restaurant Association.  


The Dagwood… a favorite no matter how you slice it even you can’t eat it!


The pride of Philadelphia – the Philly Cheesesteak


The Club! A classy classic.


The ultimate in comfort food – Grilled Cheese


And… the best way to cool off – the Ice Cream Sandwich!


 For an exhaustive list of regional sandwiches check out the Wiki list here, and also a more exhaustive if less colorful history of the sandwich.

And from the Guinness Book of World Records… Largest Sandwich and  Largest Hamburger (commercially available) Stats Pic

All this research on sandwiches is making me hungry. Think I’ll make a BLT with fake bacon.


~ Tess



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3 responses to “National Sandwich Day!

  1. believeindream

    I didn’t know there was a National Sandwich Day! haha good to know

  2. tonyamanning

    Love the ice cream sandwiches. Great and entertaing blog Tess. Keep up the great work.

  3. Cool site! Sandwiches are my very favorite thing to eat!

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