A Thank You!

Thank You!

This is a quick Thank You to the companies that helped me out in the last few days.


I was going through my credit card statement line by line to review where I’d spent my money over the last month when I noticed a line item for Amazon Prime for $79.00. I had no idea what it was… so I called my Visa company and their automated system (which wasn’t too painful and actually helpful) told me it was for a subscription.

But a subscription for what?

So I called the number next to the line item and talked to a lovely woman (whose name I should have written down) and asked her what it was. It turned out it was my subscription to Amazon Prime (I should have guessed that) which gave me benefits like free 2-Day shipping. Apparently I’d been paying for it since 2007.

Oh, how I miss having money.

I explained to her my situation, out of work for 10 months, and how as much as loved the idea of free 2-Day shipping as she see from my account information I haven’t been able to afford anything from Amazon. She graciously offered to remove the charge and credit my account.


Amazon is still one of my favorite companies. When I have money again I will, once again, be a customer. I used to own stock but I had to sell it this year to pay for some necessities (breaks on the car, a new mattress, that kind of thing).

Scholls Ferry Automotive

I had to take my car in for an oil change and I always take it into the guys at Scholls Ferry Automotive. I had a coupon for a $24.95 oil change. I searched the house top to bottom and couldn’t find the ‘safe’ place I’d put it in.

My ritual is to drive the car there and then walk back home. When they call I walk back and pick it up. This time it was raining… that soaking rain that makes the bottoms of your pants heavy.

When they called they had done a safety check on my car (which I expect them too that is why I go) and my battery was not in the best of shape. They were worried that if we had another cold snap it wouldn’t have enough juice to start the car. They could replace it today for $110.

I explained my situation – out of work for 10 months – and that I didn’t have the money at hand. And then I asked them what they would do, gamble or play it safe. Since there is a good chance that we may not have a cold snap or that I won’t have to drive in it we decided to leave it to chance. I’ll work on raising the money and hope for weather above freezing.

When I got there to pick up the car they had discounted my oil change to the current coupon of $19.95.

Thanks guys!

You’ve been keeping me safe for years now – and helping keep my car running without taking advantage of the fact that I know nothing and I don’t want to think about it – I just need it to work.

~ Tess Anderson


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