Oh god, it must be February!

Creative Common License - tstadler

I’ve forgotten my coffee downstairs twice, I am being distracted by every bright shiny thing that crosses my desk, and it is gray outside. A deep dense gray that seems to go on forever like the world has been shrouded in mist and the universe had disappeared.

Like I said, must be February.

When I was in school Winter Term was always hell – the darkness, the slow plod to Spring Break, and the lack of holidays – made an endless treadmill of work, studying and papers. The darkness came early, earlier on the gray days, and dawn reluctantly appeared after I was already in class.

Because of this February has always been a month to survive.  

My favorite first line captured what I felt about this month:

“The great gray beast of February had eaten Harvey Swick alive.” ~ The Thief of Always by Clive Barker.

How it drags at one and pulling you into the abyss. It feels like a month where nothing should be happening. Yet now that I think about it my February’s the last two years have been rather eventful.

This should have been posted on Sunday – but Sunday I was sick and February had not yet begun.

This is supposed to be one of my Sunday writing “what have I learned” posts.

I like numbers I like data. In my former life I would use numbers to prove my point because people look at numbers as truth. Numbers aren’t any truer than the sentence I am writing. You can play with numbers just like you manipulate words in a sentence so that it sounds like truth.

Even knowing that numbers lie I can’t seem to get away from the need for numerical validation.

I wrote 40,000 words in the month of January, 31,000 for the blogs and some copy writing that I did midmonth and 9,000 on fiction.

Not bad… not good enough but not bad.

So this month my plan is to move forward and do 30k in blogs et al and another 30k in fiction.

Then I remembered that it was February – that great gray beast that seems to epitomize boredom and ennui.

Hmmmm…. It will be a slog but someone has to beat the beast back.

Wish me luck!

~ Tess


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