Dr Wicked’s Podcast – Dark Lullabies for Strange Children

This is a blatant sales pitch for everyone to go listen to the Podcast for “Dark Lullabies for Strange Children” at http://www.writeordie.drwicked.com/

My poem, “Night of the Blindfolded Moon” is included. So, go, listen and have fun.

This also gets me out of having to write a post today… right? Sometimes my head gets so full of information and ideas I spin around all day not knowing what to work on next. I often have to go bury myself in a book just to get the noise inside my head to shut off. I’m in one of those places now. Can’t you tell?

But a bit about “Write or Die” – might as well since I’m here.

If you are at the site you will find people tweeting about how many words they wrote in X minutes. Just because you wrote the words doesn’t mean the words were any good. But the funny thing is, they often are.

I write every day and yet sometimes I’m either bored with myself, or pushing at an idea that just won’t seem to budge. When I feel like that I do timed writing exercises. They work well. In fact some of my best stories have come out of that crazy, no holds barred, writing.

With Write or Die I get the extra push that if I slow down the screen color starts changing from pink to red. So I keep going, no matter what, no matter how bad, good, or truly awful it is. (Like I said – sales pitch *grin*)

Because at the end of the day, writers write!    

~ Tess


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