I’m Tired

Allergy Degranulation Process - Wiki Commons

Actually I’m starting to get some place beyond tired these days.

A week ago I would have blamed my insomnia, favorite vice (scotch), or my lifestyle. But this time it isn’t anything I’ve done to myself, its Spring.

My allergies are killing me.

My eyes hurt, which doesn’t help. I think this part is psychological. Our eyes hurt when we are tired, my eyes hurt because of the pollen in the air, so therefore I must be tired.

It isn’t just the tired eyes.

All of me is tired. My nose is raw and my voice scratchy. If I didn’t know better I’d think I had some unusual strain of the common cold. But all I have is allergies. Severe allergies that have decided to get worse each year for the last three years.

Each time I go to the doctor and request help for this they look at me oddly. My main complaint isn’t the sneezing, runny eyes or nose, my main problem is how tired I feel. I can handle the rest, hell that is what my life is always like. Granted usually I only sneeze 10 times rather than 30 but that is merely an issue of degree.  

“Your allergies make you tired?” they invariably ask with just the faintest sound of disbelief in their voice.

Yes they do, and not because I’m a drug whore looking for some medically proscribed speed but because my immune system is having a field day.

Once I was so cranky I almost asked my physician if they remember their immunology. I sure do. But I kept my mouth shut and waited for her to think it through. I’m not sure she ever really got there – it appeared to be a new idea for her.

What I don’t understand is why?

What we call allergies is the equivalent of our immune system crying Wolf! The immune system thinks it is fighting off nasty invaders that must be destroyed before they compromise the system. Or kill all the sheep.

Don’t you get tired when you have a cold? How about how exhausted you feel when you have the flu? The nice thing about those experiences is you are actually sick and your body is doing its job. Unlike my body (and oh, so many of us out there this time of year) who are faced an over-active hyper-imaginative immune system.


My economics are such that I can’t afford to take the next step and find an allergist. The last time I was at an allergist I received the lovely diagnosis of having a low level allergic reaction, i.e. 30% – 40% if you think of 100% as anaphylaxis, to everything. Beyond the peaks – Mint, Bee Stings, Rabbit Fur, Male Mouse Urine etc.

Really not helpful!

So, I’m just going to whine to you all. Take lots of showers, make sure my Hepa filters are in good shape, eat my OTC allergy meds every morning, and think about getting a neti pot.

Oh yes, and wait for Spring to end.

~ Tess


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