In lust again…

It’s been almost 15 years since my last bout of lust.

Fifteen years ago I was lusting after a slim black laptop. I was on tour and didn’t have a computer or access to one. You have to remember this was 1995 (do you remember 1995 – laptop’s were new and rather bulky and so were the cell phones).

I wrote a love letter to my imagined laptop – about all the things that we would do together. Writing on the banks of a river, in coffee shops, in hotel rooms, all of the dinners we would have together while I wrote and it sat there recording my deepest thoughts.

I never got that slim black laptop.

I purchased silver – twice – but not black unless you count my company laptop that was black and slimmer than anything I could have afforded on my own.

The dream still remained because what I found was that I hated carrying my 5 lb monster around. But we did a lot of writing and spent a lot of time in coffee shops and hotel rooms.

But it wasn’t quite what I dreamed of.

Now, fifteen years later, I am in lust again. This time it is with a slim red netbook. Oo la la! And yes it has to be red. I want it to match my nano and show my support for AIDS research.

But why would this be different?  

Well – the 6-cell battery for a start because in my universe battery life is the main deciding point, and the < 3 lbs, and did I mention Red!

Also the smaller keyboard isn’t really a problem since, well, I’m rather small myself.

The funny thing is, with my current employment status I can’t actually afford the less than $400 price tag. The last time I purchased a laptop it cost me around $1,000 but I had a “real” job then. Now with the unreal job and the mounting bills I will just have to dream about my sexy red netbook…

~ Tess


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  1. Phillip

    Is that the dell net book you are craving? I just got Amanda one in white for her B-day. She got herself a bright yellow nano mouse to do with it.

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