Recovery Day 3

Apparently I have a physical, mental and emotional response to finishing a story.

Who knew?

Wow! By Tyler Ramsey

Okay I kind of knew. Once again I was down to the wire writing until very last moment. Not going to do that again by the way!!! I know, I usually hold the title for procrastination but I simply can’t go through that again. It was a lot of fun but picking up the pieces afterwards… not priceless.

It’s more than just finishing a major story – it is the submittal process too. It feels a little like that scene from ET when Elliot releases all of the Frogs from science class, “Be Free, Be Free.” There is a high that I get that is better than any drug. But then there is the almost catatonic crash.

I sent out the manuscript on Friday night.

Saturday I was trying hard to function but apparently my neurons were not firing successfully because I decided that 14 divided by 2 was 6. Then I went walking with my friend D and we ended up not just walking, but doing running intervals. Wouldn’t be so bad, but I was developing shin splints. The strange thing… by the time we got back to my place I didn’t hurt at all. WTF?

Blamed the discomfort on my shoes.

Probably right. My current shoes are four years old. That means they survived the time I hired my trainer and was working out 6 days a week.

So, went and got new shoes. I so love the Portland Running Company!!!!

That night I couldn’t calm down. I couldn’t read, write, watch, or anything. Started playing Napoleon at St. Helena in an attempt to distract my brain but it didn’t really work.

Next day, more of the same. Although I did get my bills paid and went through everything in my inbox before the restlessness kicked in again.

Then I went for a walk.

For the first time I cut my ~ 3.7 mile walk. I turned around at the park and came home. Stopping every 300 feet or so to rest my legs, stretch them, or massage them. This was, of course, after running two intervals. What an idiot!!!

When I got home my legs still hurt.

When I went to bed last night my legs still hurt.

When I got up this morning… well you get the idea.

Like I said, finishing a story and sending it out is better than any drug. Next time I’ll try and remember that I go a little crazy after one of these things. Too many days of concentrated writing leaves me in an unfit state for real life.

Thank goodness for the elliptical – I’ll be doing that for the next few days and hot and cold baths, and lots of yoga, hoping that it will help enough to allow me to go outside and walk… and run…

~ Tess



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4 responses to “Recovery Day 3

  1. Shin splints are so frustrating, especially since increasing time/intensity will only make it worse, and keeping the intensity might not let them heal. Good choice with the new shoes, they should help a lot.

  2. My favorite treatment is cold/hot/cold/hot/cold – always ending on cold, and as hot and cold as you can stand it. It decreases swelling and also increases blood flow to jump start the healing process. A sports med doc prescribed if for my sister when she broke her growth plate in her ankle – at the time she was a competitive gymnast. I used it for my feet when I performing and teaching dance – worked better than the pain meds.

    Tried some of the stretches/strengthening you recommended on your blog – I’ll let you know how they go. ~ Tess

  3. I have been trying the exercises and I have been icing. I should try the heat as well.

    • It works for me – I did 3 mins cold/3 mins hot/3 mins cold/3 mins hot/3 minutes cold and then worked out with minimal discomfort, I then repeated after my work out and the next day was able to do a short road walk with no pain.

      I find it interesting that there are more solutions to problems than resting and ice but there seems to be a feeling in the medical community that people won’t make the effort. A friend ended up with it band issues from her marathon training and it was looking like she would have to give it up. She rested but it didn’t do any good. A trainer recommended massage and it’s been magic!!! Yep – I’m a little on my high horse 😉

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