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Why Books are Always Better than Movies Credit: Wiki Commons

A day filled with things and lots of writing.

I’m starting to get just a little concerned that I will not make my deadline and will need to do something different by the end of the year. So, time to get off my ass and start working more, going farther, faster. With that in mind I’m upping my exercise program, adding in meditation, and doing more yoga.

Counterintuitive you might say…

The yoga sequence I did last night, in addition to the yoga practice I did earlier in the day, was HARD! It was a short hip opening sequence from my latest Yoga Journal. Holy Hell it was hard on me but I felt so good when I was done and plan on doing it again tonight. There were moments when it was simply difficult to breath let alone keep the alignment of the pose correct.

I also did a full sequence of weights!!! Whoop!!!!!

Today I’ll do my 3.7 mile walk for the first time since the shin splints sidelined me.

Sometimes you forget that noise can be pollution too – today I woke to the lovely sound of a generator and some sort of scrapping thing that they are using to work on the pool outside my bedroom window.

It is dusty and gross out there so I have the windows closed on that side and have Sweet Home Alabama blaring on the iPod – not that it is helping. I can still hear the screech of the scrapping thing.

Oh, and I’ve finally put the right search words into Google – or several people have finally created the apps that I’ve been looking for – I found several mediation timers on the web. I can’t afford to get one of those pretty bell chimers and when I was looking for meditation tools in the past I didn’t find anything that really worked for me. So, I’m trying out the following timers: Treeleaf Zendo, Your Meditation Timer, and Meditation Timer.

The reason for the sudden emphasis on meditation is multifold.

Several years ago I found a study on the productivity difference between people who mediate and those who don’t.

There is also the work done by William Glasser on positive addictions who talks about the benefit of meditation, running, or any other activity that you do alone for more than 20 minutes and what that does to your ability to deal with stress – among other things.

Then, just last week my new Yoga Journal had a feature about how meditation alters the amount of “gray matter” in the brain. Increasing focus, decreasing stress, and providing even more benefits.  

So, I just had to get out the candle and the pillows, find a timer, and get to work.

It’s only been a few days, but I do feel more grounded and aware and (thank god) more creative.

One novella to rewrite, one novella to draft, one article and two short stories…. And that is just the plan until June 15th after that it gets even more fun.

~ Tess


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