The Time has Come, The Time is Now!!!!

Vendome Green Man

Vendome Green Man, Etching by Simon Garbutt

I had so much fun the last few days I forgot how close I was to the edge of disaster. Financial disaster that is. So, Taking a deep breath and working on the new project.

Writing my first novel.

Yep – the time has come the time is now! To quote the guy in “Marvin K. Mooney”

I need to get off my duff and start doing the thing that scares me. So I’m writing a romantic story about the mythic Green Man. Laugh if you like but paranormal romance is one of the largest growing segments of the book industry. At heart – although I like the title writer – I am still a business person and to spend three months of my life writing something that will never even cross a publisher’s desk just seems repellent to me. I like knowing I have a chance.

So, as I said – deep breath!

Today is day one. And I’m going to begin the way I always begin – writing the beginning. Once I’m into a story then I often write bits here and there, filling in gaps or upping the ante. But I know part of the beginning and some of the middle but for the most part I’m flying blind. I have no idea where this story is going to go.

Which makes me happy.

One of the interesting things I’ve learned is that three months is an industry standard in the romance world. Them and James Patterson I guess. So, two months to write and one month to edit and prepare for submission. The only thing is that I have other projects that need to be done too so I can’t just drown in this and do nothing else.

Remember I mentioned I’m on the edge of financial disaster.

Where my finances are concerned something always happens. AOL happened when I needed it. Random project pop up. Even, occasionally I sell my fiction. I have no doubt that something will give at some point and I’ll be okay.

Breathe Deep!

It doesn’t hurt that I’m happier than I’ve been in ages. And because of that I can balance more things and deal with my stress better (read migraines). I’m not becoming one of those wonder women but I am starting to do more with my life. A part of me hates that it took a man to do this, and another part of me is thrilled, overjoyed, and drunk with the fun of it. Okay I’ll stop. I know that no one is responsible for my happiness but me but at the same time if something that makes you happy lands on your doorstep…. What do you do? I would be a fool to give it up. Right?!?

Since so few people are reading this I won’t feel bad about discussing those things that are important to me. 

  1. Writing the Green Man Novel in 3 Months
  2. Getting in better shape 
  3. Enjoying my own romance
  4. Oh, and of course anything that wanders into my view that I feel the need to comment on. Like there was this thing Geo posted on motivation at

Oh, joy oh joy!!!!

~ Tess


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