Portland by Night Credit: Eric Baetscher Wikimedia Commons

I don’t mind paying taxes.

I know in most circles that is a heretical thing to be caught saying… but I don’t.

In fact, I purposely live in a place where the tax base regularly votes yes on measures for schools, libraries, parks, police and fire and rescue. My streets are paved, the police come when needed, have paths, parks and I have a satellite library I can walk to.

I love my town!

And I am willing to pay for it to stay the safe, park infested, suburban jungle that it is.    

Those who know Portland can tell by the description above that I don’t live there. My city is a bit different. It has problems – with infrastructure, funding, and its tax base. I only lived in the city for a short time before I missed the amenities of my town – Beaverton – so much that I moved back.

Friends laughed at me – but I live in the place that provides me with the things I value. And I’m willing to pay for that. They tell me how cosmopolitan their city is.

I think that is what Portland has forgotten.

I’m not alone in being willing to pay for the things I value. Most people I talk to are willing to pay for specifics… it is the generalities that worry them. All the things their taxes pay for that they don’t approve of or even want.

The thing is – we don’t often get to pick and choose.

As for cosmopolitan?

Well that is in the eye of the beholder. I’ve had many visitors who have wondered at the lack of diversity in Portland. Come to my Beaverton – the most diverse community in the state – and see a Mexican restaurant next to an Asian supermarket down the street from a Halal Middle Eastern butcher.

Whatever it is, it is working here. And I’m willing to pay to keep it.

Nothing is perfect, and there are things I disagree with, but as long as I feel the good is outweighing the bad I’m willing to pay.

~ Tess



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2 responses to “Taxes

  1. Phillip Timmons

    Is that the Hala butcher next door to the store selling Tagert BBQ’s with the Pink Pig grill out front?

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