Proof of Concept

There is a surprising moment when you realize that you have proved your point.

I felt this way when I sold my first non-fiction piece. And again, after I sold my first fiction piece.

And now, I feel that sense of satisfaction again, when I went from 2 sales in three months, to 4th on the bestseller list for the website.

I’ve proved my point.

I can do this thing.  

This scary, fly by the seat of my pants, death defying, on occasion soul destroying thing – I can write and people will actually pay to read it.

There is so much work to be done, so much to write, marketing to do, blogs to post, it is never ending. But suddenly the joy is back. Bubbling up just beneath the surface changing the way I view the world and making believe that everything is possible.

To bed now… tomorrow has already started and I need my sleep so I can wake up, work out, and write like something from the depths of hell is chasing me.

~ Tess



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4 responses to “Proof of Concept

  1. Congrats on the recent successes. I hope to enjoy the same fortune some day.

  2. Good post. Especially the photo attached to the post took my attention. 😀 Did you take it?

    • Shoot… forgot to credit the image. I use wikimedia, friends, and buy from iStock (this is an iStock). I’ve not been allowed a camera since 1994 after destroying two cameras and one telephoto lense in just three years. Cheers Tess!

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