It’s about Focus

This morning I received an email from a friend – one of those informational emails that link you to an article or blog – this one was about increasing productivity.

I no longer work in an office so many of the things that Lisa Barone included in her “11 things” don’t apply. But I am glad she loves her egg timer – I love mine too and Write or Die.

The one thing she said that made me wistful was not checking her email all the time – once at lunch, and then again before dinner. I didn’t think I could do that… Then I happened to flip over to an article about a bunch of neuroscientist discussing the brain, computers, technology, and vacations.

Something hit me – there is something called working memory. It is a very important and valuable thing – and it appears to be overtaxed a lot of the time leaving us inattentive and unfocused. There is even some who think that working memory space is taken up with expecting email. Not getting it, reading it, or responding to it. Expecting it!!!

So, I turned my email off.

Then I had to turn it on to get the article by Lisa Barone.

Then I turned it off again.

Don’t know if I can do twice a day – but I do know that I can turn if off while I’m writing and turn it back on when I’m taking a break.

~ Tess


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