Recovery Day I

Jell-O Credit: iStock Photo

Do you think I can resist the call of the Jell-O?

My refrigerator is filled with things like jell-o, pudding, Gatorade, and bread – all things that are usually not even allowed to be thought of in my house let alone given shelf space. I guess the only thing to do it to eat them, but the nausea from the anesthesia has worn off and I’m not sure I’m worthy. I’m actually feeling rather good.

Good if you consider that I had surgery yesterday. I have pictures too! This is one of those moments when I would love to have a scanner and then I could put the pic they took of my liver and say… Look, it’s beautiful… I’m not drinking too much!

I’m a little worried though; I spent the end of last week working on my short story, placing my novel on the back burner. The night before surgery my characters peaked in and I told them to get out – it was past midnight, I needed to be up by 6 am, and I didn’t have time to get up and play with them. They seemed to understand and I think they peaked in again to see how things were going. But this morning… not a peep. Damn!

Maybe they are simply being polite – but I miss them.

Back to surgery.

Yesterday I had a tubal ligation. I felt like I was in a science fiction movie. The room was filled with electronics, four massive TV screens were placed over my head and they used robotics to find my tubes, cauterize them, and then cut them. They also took a look at my liver, spleen, appendix, both ovaries, and my uterus. Best part, I have pictures to prove it.

I had a bet going that they wouldn’t find any endometriosis. I lost. They found two pin sized bits – one on my uterus which they burned off and one on my ovary that they left alone. I’m not sure they should count, but technically I lost.  

Everyone was wonderful – and I so wish I had a better memory for names. The surgery was at Good Sam and my surgeon Dr. Michael Collins. Other than that the names are a blur. Although I do remember one of the nurses commenting, when I said that I didn’t have my glasses and couldn’t see much of the operating room but blobs, that she was a size 3 with double D breasts. I said that would make her awkwardly top heavy. She laughed at me, and then I was moved to the surgery table and then I woke up.

Except for the two Band-Aids on my tummy, the nausea, and the fact I could barely talk – it could have been a dream.

I still sound funny but I sound more like myself. Yesterday it hurt to speak but today it is just uncomfortable. There are random pains in my abdomen but they are far less than my cramps usually are – let alone when my bursitis flairs up – so I’m just ignoring them. It is more like I’ve over used those muscles than actual cramping.

I need to be brave, have something to eat, and then take a shower so I can remove the Band-aids. I’m planning to say “look, no stitches” while I’m in the shower. At least that is the plan. We’ll see.

There are no links in this at the moment… but my energy is waning. I may add them later.

~ Tess


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