I’m Back.

Writing in bed...

Not that I think anyone will notice…

Actually I’m kind of hoping no one will. I need to find my feet again… It’s been a year. So many of the stories belong to other people, I don’t feel comfortable telling them so I’ll stick to my own. My unemployment was ending (as some might remember) and I got a reprieve when a friend offered me a job (think that is here).

And then there was the novel… oops the Novel. Once it became Novel with a capitol N I should have know I would be in deep shit.

Between all of my stuff, family stuff, and friends with family stuff and never forget the migraines – I curled up inside myself and really didn’t accomplish much.

The thing is (and yes there is a point to this post) I discovered that it is nice to feel done. The long haul of a novel is just too damn long. I discovered some solace in cooking. Don’t laugh – I know I’m as far from a domestic goddess as one can get but I found a strange sense of joy in preparing a meal, enjoying that meal with friends or lovers, and then it was over… done.

It was the done part that I loved.

Succeed or fail – it was over.

In short, the novel is on the back burner, I’m reworking two pieces to see if they can find new homes (yes, short pieces) and I’m committing to the blog for the same reason I’ve started to learn how to cook*, once it is up it is done**, so I’m back.

I’d toast you all but I had to give up my scotch – but that is for another post.

~ Tess

*Yes, classes and everything (there might even be pictures).

**okay after the 4-8 edits that I do when I obsessively check the published post.



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2 responses to “I’m Back.

  1. Phillip Timmons

    Nice to see you back, We should compare notes on adventures in cooking. Sorry about the Scotch.

    • I’m hoping the scotch limitation is not permanent – went to the distillers festival and had a wonderful, if tipsy, time trying different whiskeys. Right now I’m off sugar, wheat, corn, nightshades (tomatoes and potatoes), most oils, dairy, shellfish… the list is longer but those are the main ones. You were always a great cook! ~ Tess

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