In Search of… trigger foods

The Desperate Man, Gustave Courbet Source: WikiMedia Commons

Pay no attention to me, I’m just whining.

Ah, the joy’s of a migraine brain.

The one thing I’ve truly discovered from my first few months on the anti-inflammation diet is I have a strong reaction to corn starch. For the first time in my life I experienced a classic food derived migraine. I had a sauce on my chicken and less than two hours later I had a migraine. (I find sporadic cheating on the diet to be informative – corn is a no-no but tomatoes are fine.)

It was perfect – and now I know corn starch is problematic, but it is in everything.

No really, it is in everything including my allergy meds. So, three bottles of allergy pills were put on notice and I had to go to the store and figure out what I could and couldn’t take.

Many hours and dollars later I discovered that corn starch is an ingredient in almost everything that is a pill – but capsules and gel caps have different stabilizers and so had better luck picking up those – but generics almost always have corn starch so I’m back to Brand Names. Not good for the bottom line but I am grateful they are still making them, not sure what I would do if I couldn’t take the allergy drugs.

Really migraines should be enough…

And yet (several days later) I found out I was reacting to the allergy meds themselves. So, onward with drippy nose punctuated by sneezes. Sigh!


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