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Writing @ McMenamins in Cedar Mill

A blog about Writing, Migraines, Cooking and Life.

I’m a writer with a day job who suffers from chronic migraines. I’m constantly on the look out for a “cure” for my two afflictions, but alas if I am well I am writing and if I’m not writing I have a migraine.

Thank you for giving my eclectic blog a read.


~ Tess



4 responses to “About me

  1. Shimon

    Hello Tess,

    In one of your blog posts you wrote:

    1) I’m giving myself a break – If I’m really in migraine space all the time (prodrome to hangover) then I’ve decided I am a kick ass woman just for surviving and holding down a job.

    Given my own experience with migraines over the years I would imagine that this statement is true even though I haven’t met you. Given what you wrote in a few of the blog posts is similar to my own experiences I felt you’re working incredibly hard.

    This is why a later post, ‘Hello, my name is Tess and I’m a flake,’ doesn’t ring true to me.You just seem to keep trying to improve your health. Which brings me to the Migraine Worksheet. Well it was detailed it just made me feel that your taking this seriously. At the same time I looked down the Migraine? column and could recall when that was what many of my days were like. YYYYYYYYYYYYY

    I felt moved to share one of the resources that helped me. I have yet to meet a person with migraines who wants to have them all the time. I’m willing to be surprised though. If you are interested in turning some of those Y’s to N’s in the Migraine? column here is a resource related to number 2)

    2) I made a deeper commitment to the anti-inflammatory diet that I started two weeks ago. I’ve tried just about everything else so it looks like it is time to really commit to trying something new.

    If your interested in trying something new then I would recommend looking over the following website, Healing the Source, Treating the Source To heal The Illness;

    Website Link: http://www.healingthesource.com/

    In particular read under “Energy Analysis,’ and download and read the Energy Analysis Booklet.

    Complimentary integrated care from both a western and eastern perspective is spreading in both directions – from the west to the east and the east to the west. As the eastern health and wellness practices for self healing and self development make it to the United States they are diluted. Traditional Chinese Medicine is the result of the Chinese cultural revolution and a movement to destroy the old knowlege and wisdom. It can still make a huge difference in the health of people but with the underlying root missing (often in hiding) people with more serious conditions do not get the depth of care they need.

    Hyunoog Sunim is the roots.

    I’ve probably written enough already. If you’re interested you will look into it, and if you’re not you won’t. If you have any questions about my experience of this work and how it has helped with my migraines I am open to share them, or about other complimentary approaches that have helped me


    **** I ended up at your blog after reading a post by the author of the book Story Engineering; I went to their website wanting to learn more about their work and the book; one of their posts linked ot your website; to context your remarks on the workshop I read a few of your posts on beign and author and writing. As a storyteller myself in general I’m always curious to read about how other storytellers approach their work. What you wrote about your migraines made me reflect back and think of my own experiences.

    • Hi Shimon,
      I am always willing to look at/try something new and this is new – up till now the only thing I was aware of that I haven’t tried is biofeedback (but I think some of my yoga practice does the same thing so I haven’t been chomping at the bit to try it). I will read up on it and let you know. Thank you so much! ~ Tess

      • Shimon

        Hello Tess,

        You’re welcome. Hopefully you’ve had the opportunity to look into it and it has been helpful. I can recall from reading your blog posts that you did seem to have tried a lot. To some degree what I mentioned to you is really related and connected to some of what you already tried (as I understand it) but goes a little deeper and takes the approaches further.

        I practice yoga as well and have found that to be helpful. What type(s) of yoga have you been practicing?

        My headaches have been on the rise recently again (after some blissful time with them on the significant decline). I’m open to learn more about approaches I know something about or learn other approaches. I remembered the sheer number of blog posts on migraines and thought I would ask you. What approaches have you found most helpful with addressing your migraines? How have these approaches been helpful in the short and long term? It wasn’t clear to me from reading your blog posts before which ones (if any) have made the most difference. Certainly as some else who is in the,’migraine space all the time,’ I imagined I’d learn something from speaking with you about your experiences.

        The sunny, warmer, hotter weather that we’ve had in Seattle in the last week has brightened up the days at least.


  2. Hey Tess, I don’t know if you remember me or not, but I used to work at the neighborhood Blockbuster where we would run into each other from time to time. I also have my own blog about being a writer and offering others simple advice for their prose, and found yours through the wordpress web. I look forward to your future posts, and if you have a chance, maybe pop by my own blog sometime!

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