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My head is too full to rest

I’m sick – but my head is too full to stop doing.

I think it is the anti-inflammation diet – when I’m on it I feel really good, and when I’m not I go back to that horrid place where I have no self control, ambition, or energy.

Have some kind of stomach bug that is making me nauseated – I have anti nausea meds for when the nausea accompanies the migraines – but they aren’t helping or maybe they are are helping. Ikes! I don’t want to think about how bad I would be without them, if they aren’t helping (they usually do) I hate to think what is making me ill. Ikes all around!

My Boss, bless her, gave me a quickie acupuncture treatment during lunch that helped get me through the second half of the day but still didn’t really kick it.

So, being the new me, I’m cooking.

Tonight is Mung Dal – and unlike the other recipes from my Anti-Inflammation book – this one is not Tess proof.

I never really learned to cook although my Mother did try. I liked canning, and baking, but day-to-day cooking really wasn’t my thing. When I went back to school in my late 20’s to study science I found that I had what a roommate of mine called “good hands”. I did bench chemistry and biology rather well and really enjoyed it. I even (thanks to an ex-boss of mine when I was working in the lab) learned how to mix some pretty awesome martinis. Made one of my favorites for a friend’s birthday last weekend – (I was making her doubles because her birthday martini glass was really big which is bad for portion control but she wasn’t driving so it was okay).


  • 12 Bridges Gin (local distiller with distinctive cumber notes)
  • Dry Vermouth of your choice
  • Lemon (whole)
  • First – chill martini glass by filling with ice and water
  • Second – fill shaker half full with ice (crushed lightly or cubed)
  • Third – splash dry vermouth into shaker, then drain excess into sink
  • Fourth – add 4 oz of gin
  • Fifth – empty chilled martini glass and fill with gin/vermouth from shaker
  • Sixth – (or after first step, doing this quickly takes practice) make a lemon twist

And serve, cheers.

…just remember this is a double, a pour of straight alcohol is 1.5 oz (at least in our state) and although I used to know the max amount of alcohol in a drink I seem to have forgotten that information… and can’t seem to ask Google the right question… so I’ll have to get back to you on that.

Oh, I digressed big time. I was talking about learning to cook.

The thing I found so difficult about learning to cook from books was all the hidden tricks – the things not said – like in this case did I use Mung beans at stage 1 (dry) stage 2 (after soaking overnight) or stage 3 (after cooked)?????  It was stage 2 but I figured that out after killing one cup of mung beans. I discovered, doing chemistry, that I could be very literal and I’ve never prepped from dry beans before.

This recipe called for sautéing and then simmering – my just cleaned kitchen is now trashed and the nausea meds must be working because I’m starting to get hungry.

(after a very long while)



The Mung Dal is done and surprisingly tasteless – granted I was missing a spice and substituted brown rice for basmati, but still. The recipe called for 6 cups of water and I just knew it was too much but I like to follow recipes exactly the first time through. I also think I will double all the spices (and make sure I’m not missing one) and read up on some other Mung Dal recipes if I can find any that don’t require a pressure cooker.

Truly starving now… so going to stop writing and eat.

~ Tess

PS if anyone has any hints for how to get this right (while obeying all my No!s) I would love to hear them.

PPS I really need to get a camera – or a smart phone – would have loved to have pic of 12 Bridges and the Martini in the beautiful birthday glass!


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