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Day 1 – Singing Cole Porter

Yes, it is a bit later than I usually begin writing for the day – but this is a different day.

I spent last night reading Kat Richardson’s book Poltergeist. A nice Urban Fantasy that takes place in Seattle. Night and morning, I didn’t go to bed until 2:30 am. Then, wouldn’t you know it, I had insomnia. Both the “I can’t get to sleep kind” and then the “I can’t stay awake kind.

So I tried for 8 hours and almost got it although not the bet 8 hours of my sleeping life but they will have to do. Today is a busy day. Today is day one of my planned 4-day focus on re-writing/working my novella.

We shall see how it goes.

So far I’ve picked up the kitchen and my mess in the dining room and moved everything that was scattered all over the floor of my office into the closet. The good thing – there was space – which wasn’t true when I started this project three weeks ago. Granted things are simply in boxes and still need to be looked at and either filed away or tossed but a dent has been made and from here on out it should be easier.   

Okay, that maybe wishful thinking… but there it is.

Time to get more coffee! Would you believe that I did all of the above with only one cup?

So here is the plan.

To marinate in my story for four days until it is something worth sending out my readers/editor and then spend the last part of the week doing minor surgery and clean up for a May 1st deadline.

The story has its moments but needs quite a bit of work. There are only two things outside of my story universe I have to do (sorry Brian celebrating your new job isn’t one of them but congratulations and have fun tonight).

Other than those two things I’m all mine!!!!

If you are dying of curiosity they are a gymnastics meet and seeing a friend who is coming in from out of town.

Wish me luck!

~ Tess


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NaNoWriMo Week III – Seeing what sticks!

nano_09For the last five years I have been working towards the goal of making my living as a writer. It’s been a long journey and I’m still on the first few steps. Getting laid off jumped my timeline – which in some ways was great since even with an exit strategy from corporate life I was struggling to let go of the paycheck – suddenly I was given time to write. But I wasn’t where I wanted to be. I didn’t have the publishing record that I wanted to achieve before I left the day job.

Plus I wasn’t sure what would work and what wouldn’t – in the world of being a solvent writer. I’d done my research – looked at copy writing, freelancing, fiction, non-fiction and read up on trends in the market. So I made some decisions… and then I altered them giving some up because I couldn’t force myself to do it or because new information surfaced that made me change directions.

I’m still throwing dirt at the wall.

Now there is the possibility that I am just indecisive and a flake… but I hope that isn’t true. I hope that my changing gears, moving to different genres, and starting the blogs is actually the sign of an iterative plan that takes into account new information.

I guess I’m implementing an Agile development scheme.

Wow! What a thought. I never really thought about how I work as being part of this relatively new form of managing software development. In fact – one of the problems I’m having with looking for a day job is that I don’t have any Agile development experience – and everyone wants it. But apparently I don’t need the training because I’m already using it in my day-to-day life. Who knew!

Okay so that was a geek tangent (sorry) – what I’m trying to explain and defend is the changes in my goals, aims, and writing projects over the last couple of months. I’m adapting… and every once in awhile the universe puts me back on track too.

This week I ended up, on top of the blogs, writing a short story.  Another short story, in the same genre, was accepted for publication and its acceptance gave me the kick I needed to move forward. Nothing like the occasional dose of success. The funny thing – I was toying with the idea of not writing in that genre any more – my success was spotty and I was struggling to get my foot in the door of some of the major markets. Then a sale – an extended due date for an editor that I’d love to work with – and my friend who edits all of my stories (sorry not my blog – can’t afford that) gave me a story he was sitting on for nearly two months. In less than I week I was suddenly I’m back on track…

I’m also getting feedback that my Science and Technology flavored essays are more engaging than the others I’ve posted on musings… so I’m going to be moving the blog in that direction. I needed to find a more focused topic than the random “everything” I was doing. So, I’m going with my audience with that…

Now that we are almost done chatting, I should probably write about NaMoWriMo. Well – that has been the big loser this month. Between the blogs and the stories w/ deadlines not to mention the fact that I trashed my first week of work because I changed topics… I’m dead in the water. But I am not done – and neither is the month. Next weekend I am taking a trip to the area in my state that I’ve placed my fictitious town Crossroads. I’m going to wander around, take pictures and soak up atmosphere. And I hope find some inspiration to jump start the perspiration to get me to my 50k done by the end of the month.

Nothing like the stress of a deadline…

~ Tess

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