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The Mac Revolution

Necessity is the mother of invention.

I’m sitting here, typing on my MacBook Pro, my PC’s wireless keyboard in my lap, and my PC monitor on the shelf above the Mac.

Nothing transfers!

Research said that my Mac would talk to my Samsung monitor – they may now but mine doesn’t and I can’t find a driver to make it work. Also the reports of people who have tried… well it is not optimal.

And the fix is expensive. So expensive in fact that I think I’ll have to live with my little monitor for a while. Christmas is coming…

The lovely and painful thing about Apple is their success in making a plug and play universe. To make the universe work they had to place limitations on what was allowed. They’ve made the Apple experience on par with going to Disneyland – with the same attention to detail. Options are limited so that everyone had the same experience. Unlike the PC universe with is Burger King – you can have it your way.

In our society the amount of choices out there is daunting. Apple has succeeded partly because they limit choice. Rather than having to decide on everything – from the chip to the color of the computer – Apple keeps it simple.

Well simpler…

They increase customer satisfaction my limited choice. Although right now I’m dissatisfied. I can’t get a wireless keyboard with a 10-key. After the disappointment with my Samsung monitor I’m loath to try a non-Mac keyboard. One of the pleasures is the way everything fits together. Eventually all my PC support skills are going to disappear from disuse.

The hardest thing so far?

Learning how to work in a world without a right-click.

This is more problematic than one might think. There are many things that I do without even thinking in Word and Excel that are simple right-clicks. I’m learning my shortcuts.  I don’t always remember them – and sometimes I find them by trial and error and then lose them – but I get better all the time.

Someone asked me if I’d reverse this process – give up and go back to a PC. I don’t think so. I really like my MacBook Pro – I’m in love with its battery life and with the fact it takes care of me. I don’t need to set up defragging or worry about viruses as much. Learning a whole new system wasn’t that hard either – I survived the switch from XP to Vista and back again… and working with Office 2003 and 2008 at the same time (laptop/desktop) so this was easy.

The only thing that is worrisome is the cost… the things I need and the things I’d like to have keep piling up.

Keyboards, mice, monitors, and backup systems… oh, My!




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I’ve moved to the Darkside

Got a surprise yesterday for my birthday – a lovely brushed aluminum MacBook Pro… I feel a little like a left handed person in a right handed universe… but I’m learning.

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